Wine route in Skåne

An experience of a visit and wine tasting at a winery along with a round of golf at one of Sweden's best golf courses are an unbeatable combination. Skåne is the most densely in the country with golf courses so it's not far to the nearest golf course before or after a wine tasting. The wine tour can be combined in many different ways and with other activities such as spa, design or walking in the countryside.

Skåne, is the southernmost province in Sweden and constituting a peninsula on the southern tip of the Scandinavian peninsula. Its low profile and open landscape distinguish Skåne from most other geographical regions of Sweden. Skåne is called Sweden’s food store because of its rich farmland, mild climate and good fishing. In addition to food Skåne also offers a variety of wine, farm shops with local produce, nature, design, world-class golf, hotels with unique characters, handicrafts and ceramics.

Other things you can experience during your trip are snorkeling in streams, herding sheep, riding Icelandic horses or even climb tall cliffs. Why not combine wine tasting with golf at some of Sweden's best golf courses. a trip to the spa or simply indulging in culinary experiences at restaurants where locally grown produce are used as basis.

We will help you customize your trip, from one day to a longer period of time. Either with your conference group, an incentive trip, with family and friends in your own vehicle or in a guided tour bus with new people.